Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #32

Dear Landon,

Today you turn 32 months old. And you are great – when you want to be. Or when you’re not tired. Or hungry. Or being greatly wronged by a society in which you might actually have to share some things with other people.
You are stubborn – taking a full 20 minutes in time-out before relenting to apologizing for the train tracks you drew on Grandma and Grandpa Logan’s couch.

You are a jokester. Your latest is to say that something is not what it is, but something else. Those are not cows, those are horses! HAHAHA! You go on red, and stop on green! HAHAHA! It’s taken us a while to get with your new found sense of humor, but I think we’ve finally gotten it.

There are moments in our day together that I really look forward to, no matter how small. When I drive over a bridge and say “Bridge!” You say “Water, water!” Each morning when I wake you up for the day, I get 15-20 minutes of snuggle times.

I spent a lot of this month putting together a cookbook from recipes I gathered from your Great Grandmother Wood and Great Aunt Nolie. I never met Mrs. Wood, but Nolie is someone whom I am so sad that you never got to meet. I asked the family to write a small paragraph or sentence about them, so that I could compile them and use them in the cookbook and every one of them mentions unconditional love. I know she would have loved you so much – she had been bugging me for years to have a baby before she passed away, but I just wasn’t ready yet. The mere mention of the possibility perked her up even close to the end – but she also knew it was better for us to wait until we were actually ready – and thank goodness, because otherwise we wouldn’t have you, we’d have someone else.

Oh, thing to work on. For the last couple days when I pull out the camera you do this squinty eye smile. I want eyes. Not lines. I’m just sayin’.



Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my goodness - that last picture is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kbreints said...

Awe! I love his sense of humor... Sam does the SAME THING!

Mama said...

The sense of humor is priceless!

nonsoccermom said...

Hee hee, my son had that same sense of humor at that age. Just so you know, it doesn't get any more sophisticated.

He is SO cute. I can't believe he'll be 3 soon!!!