Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It only took 9 months

But Landon finally actually likes school, I think. Or more accurately, I guess he really likes what they do at school during the summer. Yesterday when I picked up Landon I got there just as they were lining up to go outside to play. He was PISSED. He threw a wall-eyed fit the entire ride home.

He continued throwing his fit for a few hours after we got home. He even told me he was "sad" and refused to eat anything for dinner.

But this morning, instead of fighting me about going to school? He got ready and was excited to go in (it also helped that one of his friends was getting out of his car just as we arrived). Granted, he wanted to wear his same Astros shirt that he wore yesterday, but when he found out it was Field Day, he changed his tune, and also agreed to wear a lighter colored shirt, because black and 95° weather is not a good combo.

So, today is "Field Day." I have no idea what that means, but when I called this morning to ask, they said, yes he did probably need sun screen and bug spray. If Splash Day was any kind of indication, I can only assume it will be tons of fun.

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kbreints said...

yeah! Life is so much better when the kids are happy about going to school!!