Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Except, there's not much to talk about.

As promised, pictures of the sproutlets.



Tomato [technically not a sproutlet, since we bought it already about 8 inches tall]: Also, it finally rained, so we played a little in the rain:

I don't know what he's saying the in the beginning when I ask him what's happening, he had been telling us about the rain, but you know the camera starts and all of the sudden he can't do what he's been doing for the past 5 minutes even one more time.
Anyway, he does say "run in circle" and "oh, what's that?" and "here."

We met up with another couple who we haven't seen in a long time to eat at the Melting Pot on Saturday night. I have been wanting to try it for a while, and it was excellent. Much better than I expected. We opted for the Big Night Out and it was a 4 course meal. It did take a long time, I think our entire time there was close to 3 hours. It didn't seem like 3 hours, but I think if it had just been the two of us, it probably would have. Anyway, great date night. I'd totally go again.

When we parked, Clint and I had a nice view of the best port-a-potty company name ever:


Cant Hardly Wait said...

pot-o-gold! We went to a mardi gras parade this past weekend in the french quarter, and there were people who bough portapotties, set them down, and charged people 2 dollars to use them. They were making LOADS of money. I'm SO gonna do that next year!

kbreints said...

LOL! Love that name! Sigh... I wish tha twe had warm enough weather to dance in the rain!!

Carol said...

glad you liked melting pot, who knew cooking your own meat could be that fun (or easy).