Monday, February 09, 2009

Me Hoeping

(I'm Helping)

I don't even know where to start. Except maybe to start at the end and work backwards.

I'm sick again. I swear to God, if I don't get well soon, I'm going to kill someone. My lymph nodes in my neck as so swollen and my throat hurts so bad, I feel like if I still had tonsils they'd be touching each other. I'm wavering between going to the work clinic and complaining until they give me some of their nifty throat deadening lozenges and just waiting it out and seeing if I'm still sick on Friday and going to see my real doctor. The jury is still out. I think I'll probably make a decision mid morning.

Yesterday we went to buy some herbs and tomato plants. The pots were apparently in Clint's way in the garage, and had to be moved. I already had a kickin' rosemary plant, but everything else herby I had was dead. So now I have basil, sage, thyme, and flat leaf parsley. And 3 different kinds of tomatoes. We planted 2 tomatoes upside down and 1 right side up. I also have seeds for chives and dill - but I honestly don't have a lot of hope for those two - My thumb is somewhere between brown and green. If someone else got it to be like 3 inches tall, I might be able to keep it alive, but I have very little faith in my nurturing from a seed abilities.

We also put some wooden stakes in a couple plants and wrapped them in some kind of plant binding stuff to keep them growing up instead of out.

Scarlett would like to know why we let him carry that stick around.

Saturday night I got a call from the fraud prevention department at Clinton's allowance bank. Someone got his debit card number and went on a huge spending spree. Like a total of over $2000. And they're going to get away with it, while we don't have to pay for anything that wasn't ours, the bank said it's too hard to find the people who do this, so nothing will happen. We're trying not to think about the AT&T guy who was in the attic the day before this spending spree and how he may have had access to actually get a card out of one of our old file boxes. They also said that the technology is such that it could have been anyone, because all they need is the number from the card and they can make their own card.

We had Shane power wash the outside of our house and all concrete. Which is awesome. Our house, by the way, is a cream and brown color and the brick is kind of a peachy pink - not green. Who'd a thunk it?

Which brings us back to Friday, when I worked most of the day on completing something that by the time I finished at the end of the day we got an order handed down from the client, that said "no, thanks, we want to wait."

And now, I think I'm going to call the health clinic, because I'm not sure I can take this much longer.


kbreints said...

Oh I am sorry THE SICK got you... not fun!

When I was 19 I was robbed, and the people draine my bank account.... wrote checks and cashed them.... and totally got away with it. The Bank covered it all... but man was I pissed that they could just GET.AWAY.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Well I hope you get to feeling better. I've always wanted to grow my own herbs, but I have a purple thumb.

LeatherneckJoe said...

I also hope you are feeling better, drink a lot of water! If you can not find the plants you would like locally, Garden Harvest Supply offers over 200 varieties of potted vegetable plants that are ready to put into your garden.

Carol said...

I hope you feel better. I'm amazed at how little they try to find identify theft perpetrators. I had someone get my info and ordered an item - I got a UPS slip, but then they had the delivery address changed..I spoke to UPS and got the address it was delivered to. I called the credit card company with this info and they didn't even want it!! ugh...thankfully I got the money back, but if you know where the person could be seems like you could at least TRY to look into it. granted that address is probably an unaware middleman.