Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The very last time we ever eat at BW3s

Buffalo Wild Wings only contains "W" two times. But people call it BW3s and it annoys the everloving crap out of me. There's a historic reason for the 3, but that's not the name of the place anymore, so it's BW2s if anything.

Our particular Buffalo Wild Wings is being run by teenagers. Teenagers who are blind, and independently wealthy.

Blind, because when a person is only half finished with their meal, and is sucking on the bottom of their cup through their straw, a normal waiter just shows up (or preferably had already shown up) with the tea for a refill, rather than asking if we want more tea. (Nope, I prefer to suck on ice with my hot wings! Who needs tea?)

Independently wealthy because clearly, they don't want a tip, or they would have come and collected the ticket, run it through the machine and returned to the table rather than SIT DOWN at a booth to bullshit with his friends for 5 full minutes.

When Clint finally got someone else to run the card, they were about 15 seconds from a walkout, she was all "'s just..." No. Unacceptable. Half the tables were empty. It was not busy. There is no excuse for this.

When Clint asked to speak with a manager...."uh...he stepped out." Bullshit. You just don't want to yelled at for your crappy crappy work ethic. (Not that the manager would have, because dude, if ever there was a 30 year old man trying to be friends with was him.)

Now, the one near my former place of business is always totally packed and when we've gone there we have recieved decent service. But this one. Never again.

I think it has something to do with the building itself. It used to be an Applebees and those people sucked at their jobs just as badly.


Someone Being Me said...

Don't worry. The one where I live has crappy service too. Luckily there are a lot of other wing places to choose from. I prefer Wings and More if given a choice.

Kristine said...

If given a choice, I prefer Hooters actually. But that has it's own issues, their non-smoking section is like an island surrounded by the smoking section, so I don't really want to knowingly expose Landon to that.

Aunt Becky said...

The one here is equally deplorable. But I hate the wings, personally, and that makes me sad.

Sunshine said...

We just call it BWW. Of course, we frequent it often, and so everyone knows us.

Unfortunately, they just moved to a new, bigger location, so now we're having to "train" a bunch of new people to know us. Still like it there, though.

Sorry yours stinks...

Kristine said...

There's another one, 5 or so miles away that is very good and always crowded. It honestly should have been a clue that this one had 3/4 of the parking lot empty.