Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I love the rain. I love the smell in the air as a storm approaches. I like that the sky gets all dark and spooky. I like to watch lightening and listen for the thunder. I like to count the seconds between them and try to decipher how far away a storm is. As a kid I liked riding my bike in the rain, so much so that I invented a bike umbrella in the 4th grade for one of our SEARCH* projects - but still liked getting wet while riding, so didn't really use it after that year. I like to sit out under a porch and listen to it hit the roof. Even better if it's a metal roof. And I like walking barefoot through puddles.

Maybe it's genetic.

* SEARCH stands for something which essentially means gifted and talented. And if I learned anything in that not for a grade, one whole day a week, classroom, it's that memorization is a low end skill on the thinking spectrum and is basically worthless, you're better off if you just know how to look stuff up.

And what do you know - I looked up what SEARCH stands for: Seeking Excellence through Ability, Responsibility, Creativity, and Honor. They done did learned me sumthin.


nonsoccermom said...

Ah, SEARCH. I also remember spending a lot of time brainstorming different topics and talking about risk-taking. Also, we read A Wrinkle In Time. That's pretty much it.

Carol Tucker said...

too funny that you looked it up, I could come up with "Seeking Excellence.." but forgot from there. I CAN still recite what the CHICKEN club stands for, sad I know.

SEARCH had the added bonus for us that we got to go a different school once a week. I'd love to see a picture of your invention if you have one! I'll never forget my invention - a sucker parker. It was a place to put your sucker when you needed to put it down but might want to come back to it - though the wrapper usually works just as well.

Didn't we read The Hobbit too?

Kristine said...

I actually went to Beutel, so I didn't get that extar adventure of going elsewhere... :(

I will see if I can find the bike umbrella next time I go down to LJ, I'm pretty sure it's in one of the closets upstairs.

Yes, we read the Hobbit too!