Monday, August 18, 2008

Productivity - we had it, by the numbers.

# of things we returned, bought different ones, and installed this weekend: 4

# of people I called when one particular plumbing issue was going to cause us to call a plumber: 3

# of hours we had the water turned off at our house due to the plumbing issue: 2

# of people who made an aside comment which led us in the right direction towards actually fixing the problem: 1

# of times I thanked God that I had put out a bowl of water to thaw my fingers while skewering chicken, because once the water was off, my cleaning of hands capability rested solely in the hands of baby wipes: 4,582

# of Things I took pictures of to make a good weekend post: 3

# of cameras sitting on my breakfast table instead of in the bag where they belong: 1

# of older pictures you will have to settle for: 1

1 comment:

Aunt Becky said...

That Popsicle looks fantastic.