Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think I screwed up

I have a Girl Scout Troop of 8 girls. They just completed their Junior level and will be Cadettes next year. As such they are supposed to be more in charge of what's going on in the troop.

So I let them plan the trip they are taking this summer. I provided them with a worksheet to fill out so they would be able to more easily make the necessary decisions for the trip. Basically they needed to decide on what they were going to eat and what they were going to do on the trip.

When I made my suggestion sheet - the one where I came up with a bunch of ideas and gave them a list so they could see some and possibly come up with their own...there weren't enough things on the list of activities. And something inside me said they needed more. So I added "Mystery Activity." That would be an activity which they would not know the plan, and I would come up with something...I didn't think they'd choose it.

They did.

And now I can't think of anything beyond my original list. So we're going to be up at my parents' lake house. Pretty naturey, but also with access to a real live house, running water, electricity, etc. These are the things they chose (they totally vetoed the making homemade ice cream, but they have no idea what they're missing):

Campfire and S’mores
Row boat
Using a Compass Game
Board Games

So, I need ideas. If you were a scout, or in Awana, or in a church group or an Indian princess, or just plain have a fun childhood memory that I might be able to use for my "mystery activity," I need to hear it. (These are 10-11 year old girls, none of them are particularly prissy, but I don't have a fishing license and I have no desire to put worms on hooks or take fish off hooks, so don't even go there.)


The Modernish Father said...

How about "Paint the lake house"? We had to do that on one vacation. It sucked.

You could have them make tie-dyed shirts. Then they'd have something to take home as a reminder of the trip.

Or you could make them all bring a kleenex box and they could create a diorama of their camping experience using items they found outside.

Or you could give them a brief intro to taxidermy. (And then use some of the preserved animals in the dioramas - bonus!)

I'd make a really bad scout troop leader.

nonsoccermom said...

I say do the homemade ice cream anyway. Then make banana splits or sundaes or something. You know they'll enjoy the ice cream part even though they didn't vote for it, and the sundae part is your mystery.

I have never done scouts of any sort so I have absolutely no experience whatsoever. I only have opinions.

Aunt Becky said...

MAKE CUPCAKES. Then decorate them.