Thursday, May 15, 2008


There are a lot of things I don't write about on this blog. And about 95% of the things that happened this week fall into that category. I'm sorry about that. As a reward, I'll be posting tomorrow morning. I had a Dr. Appointment on Tuesday, I have a team building thing on Friday at lunch, so I'm going to come in on Friday morning to make up the hours from Tuesday. So you'll get an extra post this week, even if it's just a picture.

Landon finished his antibiotic yesterday morning and tomorrow morning I'll finish mine. We're both well on the way to recovery. FINALLY.

Question for you northern living type people. On TV, This Old House, HGTV kind of TV, I have seen them use this plastic sheeting stuff on their windows in the winter, to apply you tape it to the edge of the window then you blow dry it and it shrinks. It's supposed to help insulate against the cold. Here's an example of a product:
And I was thinking, since we have those diamond leaded glass windows and they have like 10,000 holes in them, if I used that stuff on our windows, we might be able to save money by not airconditioning the entire front yard. And my question is this: 1) can you see out of the window after it's applied? and 2) does it work?


The Modernish Father said...

As someone who used to be a northern living type person, we never used the window film ourselves, but I knew several people who swore by them.

From what I understand, they work pretty well and most of them are fairly unnoticeable if applied correctly. One of these people was a complete bonehead, so I'm guessing it's fairly easy to do.

Aunt Becky said...


I'm learning all about censoring myself this week, too. It makes a part of me wish I'd gone anonymous on my blog.


Hope that all is well with you.