Thursday, May 01, 2008

Do you recognize this?

So, Clint has been sick this week, and so has Landon. And as I seemed to have some extra time on my hands. And as I am wont to do in situations like this, I try to accomplish something, anything, for the love of god! Last time, I installed the baby-proof latches on the cabinets. This time I decided it was time to tackle the office.

Now, I have a system. It's probably not the best system but it should work. Theoretically. Each year I make file folders for each of our monthly bills. Ideally as the bills come in and I pay them, then file them in the appropriate folder and at the end of the year I lift the entire file drawer into a drag-up box, mark it with the year - place the income tax return at the back of the box and I have our financial business filed away in handy dandy little boxes should I need anything at a later date. (I do move legal documents from one year to the next as current voter registrations and whatnot.)

And then Landon was born.

And my whole system went to crap. Ok, let's be honest, I have never been good at keeping up with this, I tend to let things pile up for a few months and THEN file it away. And every time I do that, I think "This time, I'll actually file things as I pay them." And each time I FAIL miserably. I have given up on the idea that I would have them in order in the file - because it's like 12 pieces of paper, if I need a specific month, I can find it pretty quickly.

But this time? This time it's been like 9 months. Or at least, that's my estimate based on the dates of some of the things I filed. And somewhere along the way a large piece of furniture disappeared beneath the rubble.

And I was using laundry baskets to contain bills. That's basketS. Plural. That's how bad I had let it get.

I spent a total of about 5 hours on it - some on Sunday, some on Monday. First sorting and removing trash (no need to file envelopes and ads.) Then filing everything in the appropriate folders. Then making new folders for this year. Then going back and moving this year's stuff to new folders and flattening paper (folded paper takes up more room, and I just don't have the space.)

But yesterday. In the office. I found this magnificent piece of furniture.

It dates back to 2004, I believe. I wasn't sure exactly what it was at first, I hadn't seen it in so long, but then memories started flooding in. Hopefully it will be a useful piece of furniture, now that it can breathe.

Next illness? I tackle my sewing/crafty closet.

Fiona has her doubts that I'll ever get it straightened out.

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Aunt Becky said...

Fiona's look at you is priceless.

And I do the same thing: I tackle crap like that, and then refuse to let it get out of hand again.

I'm NOT a control freak! Oh yeah, maybe I am.