Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What else is a holiday for?

On Friday I tried The Pioneer Woman's Pineapple Skewered Shrimp. I actually, also marinated some chicken the same way and the chicken was better than the shrimp to me.

On Saturday, Clinton tried quiche again, only to discover that he does actually like it, despite his many years of protests. La Madeleine, here we come.

And then yesterday we had a small BBQ, for which I made this cobbler. Except, I made it in 2 pans. And I didn't have pineapple in the cherry one, and I made a black berry one for the other half.

We also smoked some ribs and chicken quarters and sausage. And invited a few people over. And then I took absolutely no pictures.

Landon got to play in the pool for a few hours with some kids who were a little older (3 and 5 1/2). They taught him a little trick of going over the wall between the hot tub and the pool. He practiced it a lot. I'm sure we'll be seeing it for the rest of the summer.

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Someone Being Me said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I need to try out some of her recipes one of these days.