Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wagons, And the Falling off Thereof

I can't think of a good way to get back into this, so I'm just going to start typing.

I guess you probably noticed that I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. Between personal life things and work things and house things and universe spitting in my face things, I just didn't/don't have the energy to do the kind of posting I was doing a year ago.

Interesting/boring depending on your perspective news:
  • Despite my declaration of a hatred for hamburgers - I have found a hamburger I like. Smash Burger. Tis awesome.

  • Despite my declaration of sushi as weird - I have fallen head over heels for it. Although I am still in my infantile stages, and pretty much am stuck on those things which are cooked - I am craving it. I kind of want to learn to make it.

  • If you have ever had a drink of water from my tap, you may want to look away. This was one of the pipes they pulled out of my house.

  • It was not the worst one.

  • Here's a small guy who was helping to fix the pipes before the guys we hired showed up, he is currently in love with Handy Manny and has as such named his tools the same names as Manny's tools.

  • Should you ever have your house re-piped, I suggest hiring a whole house remodeler, so that when they do this:

  • They can fix it. I also recommend not going upstairs mid process, because holy crap is it ever scary to think they might not be able to lay that carpet back down right.


kbreints said...

Oh dear! Those pipes are a *little* dirty.... Yikes!

Sushi huh? It makes my skin crawl to think about it... but then again so did broccoli and mushrooms...and I LOVE both of those now... after almost 30 years of hating them. Funny how tastes change like that.

Carol said...

glad you have clean water once again.

smashburger is wonderful! I don't need to know there are such wonderful hamburgers near my house, and the one near us now has a frozen yogurt place next to it..perfect meal? yes, I think so.

just keep taking baby steps with sushi. some stuff you'll love and others you may never touch..anything that looks too tentacly I have to pass on..

Anonymous said...

Oh my crap! We have a tiny drip in our wall and have been putting off calling a plumber. I really don't want holes in my walls! I just painted them 8 months ago! Noooo!
Oh - and sushi is really good. Like, really really good. Just don't eat too much of it at one time. Bad things will happen.

bernthis said...

gross, yikes! I can't even imagine what my pipes look like. I use a Brita Filter just in case