Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A cute story in lieu* of photos

My house is re-piped. The PVC glue smell is disapating - or maybe I'm just getting high on it and not noticing it so much anymore. And my water tastes better and I'm completely grossed out by what was inside the pipes - pipes that the water went through and I drank. YUCK. I have pictures, but they're on my laptop, so this is just a teaser. I also have pictures of the disaster the pipers created and well, the knowledge, but not the pictures that prove that they fixed it.


So anyway, last night Landon asked me to read his favorite book. (Where favorite equals the one he has in his hand at any given moment.) It's My Truck is Stuck. So I read it to him.

And then he said "this time, I will read it all by myself."..."I might need a little help."

So we read through it again, he memorized certain lines which repeat throughout the book.

Then he said "I gonna read it again, all by myself." [Pause] "Wait, who's the illustrator?"

"Did you just ask me who the illustrator is?"


"Do you even know what an illustrator is?"

"Yeah, the person who draws the pictures." [Complete with pretend drawing motion with his hands in case I'm a complete idiot.]

I am afraid of how smart this kid is going to be.


* After three attempts, I just googled it, I will never spell it right the first time, also I think there should be a "u" in forty, and maybe and extra "e" in twelve. Spell check may or may not have been invented specifically for me.


Anonymous said...

He takes after his mother! What a guy.
Love ya,

kbreints said...

:) He is so smart