Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things and Stuff

Ok, so I got buried under a pile of work this week and last week.

Plus they're doing this reorganization thing where my immediate boss will now be a department manager and he seems to think I want to be in his position, even though I've made it perfectly clear that I want to move to another department by July. Oy - and enough with the procedures already - I just want to get my work done and I don't need a grading system to see if I'm doing it or not. GAH!!!

Anyway - I just want you to know if you noticed the extreme lack of posts over here or the fact that I haven't commented on your blog as of late, I am just exhausted and I don't have time to do much of anything besides work and come home and eat and spend a little time with my kid before I fall unconscious each night.

Also I haven't managed to take very many pictures either because I'm just that tired.

That being said - I have some things to talk about.

If your comment thingie looks similar to this:

I can't comment on your blog from work. But I am still reading it, I swear. And there are several of you who have this format.

Also - I'm not on facebook - which I know makes me an outcast, but since I can't get to it from work either it's not like I'd be on there very much.

Oh and I do have plans this weekend where plans equals picture opportunities, so I am trying to get my act together.


kbreints said...

Busy is good. I rather like being busy at work.... it means the day goes by faster! glad to hear from you...

Anonymous said...

I don't do Facebook either. Or Twitter. Or Myspace. Or. . . whatever. I am too lazy to have more than one online commitment.

bernthis said...

I hear you. the last couple of weeks, I just feel like I want to stay in be all day