Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monthly Newsletter #40

Dear Landon,

This month was the fastest month in the history of all time. Or at least of the recent past. I didn’t get a lot of pictures taken of you. Mostly because we just didn’t do that much. For one thing, it’s been cold. We had a hard freeze in Houston, it was below freezing for a whole 3 days. We stayed inside nearly the entire time and everyone’s sprinkler vacuum thingy popped off. Trust me when I say – this was kind of a boring month.

You got your second ever ear infection, and spent almost a whole week at home with Grandma. It probably wouldn’t have taken so long, but you didn’t tell us that your original virus was gone and that you were now working on the ear infection, so we thought we were still dealing with a virus for quite a while.

I think you also learned a new word this month. The word is spicy. You use it correctly, as in, “those sausage balls are kind of good, but they’re kind of spicy.” And you use it strangely, as in “my mouf hurts, it spicy.” I have no idea where you picked up that little quirk, but I’m going with it.

I think you also have developed a new phrase as well – “kind of.” So when something exciting is going to happen and I say “How cool is that?” You think about it for a few seconds and say “Um,…it’s kind of cool.”

I decided right before Christmas that we’d start going to church on Sunday mornings. More specifically, Sunday school. I’ve never been a huge fan of the worship services themselves, I feel like I get more out of a small group discussion than all the other stuff anyway. The room you are in is more like a nursery than a class, but those ladies love you! They already know you by name and they are so impressed with how smart you are. I’m a little confused as to how to respond to that, because I’m not sure I have all that much to do with how smart you are. You’re just a super little sponge and remember everything. It was the decision to go to church that led to your discovery of sausage balls. You love sausage balls. I can get you to do almost anything for a sausage ball. I had made them for a church party, but because you were feverish that day we didn’t get to go. I dropped off the stuff I had agreed to bring and then gave you a sampling of the leftover sausage balls. And you. Fell. In. Love.

Speaking of being smart and remembering things. A few weeks ago you did a study at school about the food pyramid. And now every time you see me using butter on anything you yell “BUTTER IS BAD FOR YOU!” Or more recently “Butter is bad for your body!” I offer you candy or cookies and you say the same thing. I tried to explain the theory of everything in moderation. But I don’t think you’re quite getting it.

I don't have much to ask you for this month. Just keep being sweet and cute and lovable.




kbreints said...

Henry all of sudden after learning at school about good and bad foods wanted carrots, and not sugar. I love it. However it did not apply to his birthday cake, lol!

Mama said...

40! Where does the time go?