Monday, February 15, 2010

The most disappointing piñata ever

Landon made a piñata at school last week. They basically painted a brown paper bag and filled it with...a big wad of colored butcher paper. The tie broke before he even poked a hole in the bag after wacking it a million times with the plastic golf club. And when I picked it up after that I "accidentally" poked a big hole in the side - at which point we abandoned all piñata rules and regulations and I had him stick the golf club in the hole and just pull until he ripped it some more. And even then I had to keep "accidentally" ripping it more to get the giant wad of paper to fall out.


kbreints said...

LOL... but did he have fun?

Mama said...

LAME! The sacred fun of pinata should not be tainted! :)