Thursday, December 03, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #38

Dear Landon,

Why? Why is 95% of what you say made up of only the word “why”? Why don’t you listen to me when I answer you? Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again when I told you the answer the first time…and the second time…and possibly the third time…before I pretend to strangle you behind your back? Why?

In the past couple days you’ve started asking if things are real or pretend. Is that Santa decoration real or pretend? I’m not really sure how to answer some of them, because to me, if it’s physically there, it’s real, but in the sense that a lighted wire “dein-dein-dur” [reindeer] is not a living animal, it’s not real, but it’s not really pretend either. I hope my answers which vary depending on my mood are not more confusing than they are helpful.

I think this is going to be the best Christmas ever. I probably said that last year, but your face exploded in wonder when we drove through the Christmas light display – 4 days later you were still talking about it, and how the lights on the houses in our neighborhood didn’t exactly measure up to the lights you saw there. Although the lady who loves Snoopy on our street does have quite an exciting display. You helped me decorate the Christmas tree, and are much more excited about your Christmas tree this year than you were last year. You willingly got within a couple inches of a Santa and told him the Christmas tree he was sitting in front of was pretty. We might actually get a Christmas picture with Santa this year if this keeps up!

Another thing you’re asking is if whatever interests you at the moment is for “for me? Or for little kids? Or for grown-ups?” It’s pretty convenient for me, since I can just say, “oh, sweetie, that’s for grown-ups.” And you put it down and walk away without argument. And I know by writing this down I am tempting the universe to take it back, but between that and telling you something is against the rules and you back down, I am amazed at how easy going you are.

You have decided this month that no matter what I pick out for you to wear to school, you have a different opinion. That’s okay though, because I figure it’s one step closer to you dressing yourself. And that is a fine goal.

I know the “whys” are a phase you will grow out of, and I know you’re just trying to piece together the world around you, so I do try to answer your questions when I can – I just wish you would listen to the answers, before asking the same exact question over again.



kbreints said...

Henry is almost five and the Why's are still going strong. Dan gets very annoyed with it, but I see it as wonderful curiosity-- ans when I am annoyed, I just say-- JUST BECAUSE!! or BECAUSE I SAY SO!

bernthis said...

be happy he asks. Soon enough he'll be old enough and then just ignore you like all teenagers. Boy, I can't wait... ugh.