Monday, December 21, 2009

Letter to Santa

Landon and I sat down on Saturday to write his letter to Santa.

Which actually turned out to be more of a book to Santa.

And I thought we'd share.
[DEAR SANTA] We used all caps, because when I wrote his guide with small letter he got mad and said we had to use big letters.
[TOY DINOSAUR] No salutations or anything, straight to the point with the list!
Picture of Toy dinosaur just in case Santa can't decode the above hieroglyphics
At this point he was no longer in the mood to write words, so he drew a bouncy ball - or more accurately, a bouncy ball path.

And that's it, no need for formalities of saying thank you or bye or anything, just end with the drawing.


The Modernish Father said...

Well done, Landon!

bernthis said...

wow you are one hell of an interpreter

Nush said...

Thats adorable! I love when their pictures tell a story.

kbreints said...

LOVE. IT. so sweet!