Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Community Service

Last Tuesday, I took my Girl Scout troop to the retirement community where my grandmother lives. We went to a couple different areas of the building and handed out ornaments that the girls had made and candy canes to the residents.

Landon got to wear his Girl Scout shirt for the first time - although when the ladies would ask him if he was a girl scout he very confidently would say "No, I not a giiirl scout, I a boy."

My Grandma joined us in the lobby and walked the halls with us as we passed all of the stuff out. I think the people there really enjoyed us being there and the girls (and Landon) had a pretty good time too.


bernthis said...

nothing better to revive the spirit then to see a cute kid.

Anonymous said...

Looks like smilely faces for every one!

kbreints said...

I have done this one several occasions, though not as an adult. I remember making homeade cards on valentines day and taking them to a local retirement home and handing them out. NEver are there poeple more excited to see and interact with 6th graders. It was an experience that I carry with me and to this day have a great respect for seniors and the lives they have lived and storeies they have to tell.

The Modernish Father said...

Good job!