Monday, January 12, 2009

Irrational fears

Just before Christmas, I parked my car, and we drove Clinton's car for most of our time off. And throughout the week, as we drove up the driveway behind my car, I noticed that my car was starting to lean a little bit. And a little bit more. And finally, it was pretty clear that I had a flat tire. I assumed it was a nail or a screw in my tire, and I went to look at it to see if I could see where it was and if it was pluggable. I didn't see anything (and found out later that I'm really glad I didn't find anything and you should be too.)

I needed new rims and tires anyway, because there's a whomp whomp sound when I drive, and our mechanic said that 3 of my rims were slightly bent and that all of my tires were out of round. I've known this for some time. Actually, he also said it wouldn't cause any problems to drive it as it was for a while, just that it would continue to make the weird noise. I did intend to buy the new rims and tires at the end of January anyway, I just wasn't quite ready for the expense. But after looking at the tire itself, I didn't think anyone would plug it anyway. Clearly I needed the new tires.

So, Clinton got on-line and bought my rims and tires, as it was cheaper to have them sent to us than to buy them anywhere around here. And on Friday, while I was at work, he put them on my car. And they are awesome.

So I asked him, stupidly, if I had a screw or something. And he asked if I was sure I wanted to know. And I stupidly said yes. And he said "bones." There were 2. With fur. And I don't even remember hitting an animal. He asked if I wanted to see them, and I declined that offer, which saved you from a picture of them, because if I had to look at them, you were going to have to look at them. So you're welcome.

I don't have many irrational fears. but I have a few.

1) Hitting an animal (alive or roadkill) with my car and then having one of their bones poke a hole in my tire, leaving me with a flat tire.

2) Seeing a garbage bag on the side of the road and then noticing a body part in it, leaving me on the side of the road waiting for police to report having found a dead body.

3) Being stuck in traffic for 24 hours straight with nothing to eat or drink and no stores open.

So, now that 2 of my irrational fears have occurred already (#3 happened when we evacuated for Rita.) That means that I am totally avoiding any and all debris on the side of the road, I do NOT want to see a dead body, thankyouverymuch.


The Modernish Father said...

My irrational fear is that any time I see a box, bag or other sort of container or on near the road, I'm worried that it has a newborn child in it.

I once drove up on a guy laying in the middle of the highway on a dark night. That was pretty awesome. I thought he was dead, turns out he was just drunk.

nonsoccermom said...

I am irrationally fearful of roaches.

Other than that, I try not to think about horrible stuff at all. That way I don't have to be afraid of it. Better living through denial!!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm terrified of fish. Yes. Fish. Fish. There, I said it. My name is Becky, I'm 28 years old and I'm terrified of fish.