Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm contacting MENSA as we speak

Last weekend, while perusing the aisles of the evil empire, I found plastic place mats for Landon. We bought 700 of them. Okay, maybe just 7 or 8.

They have everything from letters, to numbers, to space, to dinosaurs on them. And he likes to look at them, and they keep him relatively busy while we're working on getting dinner on the table. Which is not a bad deal for $1 each.

Last night I handed him the number place mat and he promptly counted to ten. In order. Which is new, because somehow he used to not count in order and still come up with the right number at the end and it was hard to tell him he was wrong, because he wasn't.

Anyway, he counted. In order. To ten!

And then I busted out the camera. And he refused to do it. At least not all the way. Because he is narcissistic and likes to see himself on the camera, he does about half a monkey trick and then it's "Mommy, see Nannan!"

So here he is, counting baseballs. There are 8, so he counts to 4 twice at some point and then to 6 before his ego gets a hold of him and he MUST SEE HIMSELF.


Marinka said...

My son was exactly the same way--wanted to see himself. He's 7 now and it hasn't passed! Congratulations on having a genius!

Aunt Becky said...

I want a genius.