Monday, March 12, 2007

One week, Uncensored

You would think the insides of a tomato would be juicy and gooey and seedy. You’d be wrong. Tomatoes are filled with red sand and stuck with pins. They also have a strawberry attached, in case you want to separate your needles. The amount of sand will lightly cover your entire loft and living room. And they are known enemies of boxers. Ask me how I know! I only wish we had pictures for this.

I had a bridal shower to attend on Saturday. It was 2 houses down from me and I left my invitation at work. But I figured it would be at 2. 2 o’clock seems reasonable, right? I sent Clint off with Landon to Jay’s to go help pick up a deep freeze and generally hang out with them. I didn’t want to be the first one there, so I looked down the street and there were a lot of cars already in the driveway, so I headed on over. It was not at 2, those were the cars of the 6 hostesses. Yep 6. And it was at 3. I showed up at 2 and THEY WOULDN’T LET ME LEAVE. So I listened to a bunch of older ladies talk about their daughter’s pregnancies and what I can only imagine are yippy little dogs, and how embarrassed they are that the girl dog “Abby,” HORROR of HORRORS lifts her leg to pee. They asked how I knew Jennifer and I told them. And then another one asked and I told her, and then another one asked and I told her – even though all these women were in the room EVERY TIME I told the story.

In hanging out with Jay, Clint found out that one of Landon’s favorite toys while over there is a nylon skimmer.
And that Noah has his own slotted spoon. Not to be outdone, I gave him a slotted spoon for home. I don’t even know why we buy toys. That spoon kept him occupied for several hours. It’s a perfectly good pretend guitar, it works well as a dog whacker, sticking your tongue in the slots can be especially fun, and playing it like a bass, also seems logical.

Landon’s maternal grandparents brought the crib bars up, and we got to visit with his great grandmother as well. We took them out to dinner, where he was enthralled with the cooks at the Mongolian BBQ place.

Now that we have the cage crib, we have to transition him to sleep in it. We just got it Sunday, so he has not slept in it yet. We decided to try on a weekend night first, that will give us a few days to try and put stuff up in his room (not that he cares) and possibly buy a rocking chair to replace the one on which we broke a weld. Also, I have to convert the slip cover into cushions for a new one. And if things go horribly awry – at least we won’t have to get up at 5:30am the next morning.

Operation Border Application did not go well.

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