Saturday, March 03, 2007

Monthly Newsletter #5

Dear Landon,

Every month I take a picture of you specifically for this newsletter and every month I look back at the old ones and I think “Hey, who switched my kid?” You look nothing like any of your pictures from months past. And it’s then that I realize I haven’t been taking you in for professional pictures like other people do. I am going to do my best to have it done for your 6 month picture though. So, quit hounding me about it.

This month has been all about teeth. Teeth and hickeys. It seems that you have no interest whatsoever in your teething ring, it’s much easier and probably more fun to chew on people. Thank goodness I don’t wear a lot of sleeveless shirts out in public, I look like a 16 year old who went necking at make-out point. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people, it can be whatever is handy, like the floater thing in the pool.

Or the dashboard of your car swing. Your dad doesn’t care for the stickers that came with the car, so it looks a little naked right now, but he’s got some ideas he’s kicking around, never fear. (Apparently girls can have princess stickers, but boys are left to advertise for Lowe’s.)

You’ve spent this month staying during the day with Linda and Noah. You and Noah have developed a kind of screaming conversational pattern. You seem to understand each other, in the way that they say twins have their own language. Which is good, because no one else can understand either of you, so at least you have each other.

Your first foray into swimming was the hot tub. We kept the heat kind of low and stuck you in your floaty thing. You had wide eyed shock at first, but once you figured out that everything was nice and cozy in there and that you could lean forward and suck on the float, you were perfectly happy. When Noah came over, we let him use your float, as you were getting a bit tired of it, and you had a wonderful time staring at the bubbles coming up all around us. I can’t wait until it warms up and we can get you out in the main pool kicking around. Noah has the same car float we’re going to get you, so you two can have screamin’ bumper car fun this summer.


P.S. We have one more month before you start solid foods, do you think you could work on that sitting up thing? Thanks.

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