Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh, you noticed that part?

So these are things I mentioned in passing and never came back to, so am providing an update.
  • Ok, so the car thing. I didn't talk about because, well - it's boring really. We have insurance. The detective said his car was the "flavor of the month." Which means that within a few hours it was probably chopped into tiny pieces and sold. He also said if that's not why it was taken, that a lot of cars stolen during the holidays turn up after the first of the year when people begin noticing strange cars that don't belong in their parking lots that they overlooked previously thinking they might belong to some visitors or something. The insurance people say it will take about 3 weeks to do all the investigations and close the case, we have about 1 week of that to go. At this point, I don't think we even want to car back. If we got it back and it was repairable, I think it would probably be up for sale nearly immediately.

  • Landon's bloodwork came back, if he has any allergies, they are seasonal, not regular allergies like mine. Which is good to know.

  • The bank fixed the website so I was able to pay my mortgage.

  • My bloodwork came back and I am deficient in vitamin B12, and also have "atrocious" cholesterol (which I kind of already knew.)

  • My boss has freaked out now twice about people finding things in my officemate's boxes [he's only in the office once a week], but he's the only one going through them and finding the things he's freaking out about (employment package and raise letter.) The boxes bother him so much he's unpacked two of them and I see him eyeballing mine. I told him I wasn't unpacking them because everytime I get totally unpacked I end up having to move again. Also, it's kind of a bonus now that I know it's bothering him.

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bernthis said...

P is going to an allergist next week. I hope to have the same result as yours