Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's pretend this week never happened, okay?

Landon's teacher has a bulletin board where they put family portaits from the kids so that they "feel like they're at home." I don't really see how a picture is going to make it feel like home. But whatever. So they asked for a family portrait, and I have exactly one recent picture of Clinton and Landon and me all together. And this is it:

I can get over the fact that Clinton isn't smiling, he's only smiling in pictures if you accidentally take one when he's not aware it's going to happen. But can someone for the love of God teach me how to pose for a picture without bringing my chin back into my neck causing the triple chin?

On Monday we were down to no cars. My car needed brakes fairly badly, because that's just perfect timing and everything, and also a rear brake light and an oil change and a state inspection. But at least I got that one back Monday evening. Today we should be back up to two - the truck is done and Clinton is picking it up this morning. And the stolen car is still unresolved.

This week I:

  • Watched a lady motion for another car to merge into her lane to get around a stalled vehicle. And then she proceeded to ram them as they tried to come into her lane. And then they both drove off - no exchange of information or anything.
  • Saw a "Buy Local" bumper sticker - on a Honda.
  • Cleaned cat puke off my windshield for the very first time in all my driving years. And had to use baby wipes to do it, because the hose is still disconnected and the faucet is still wrapped from the freeze, and also note: I'm kind of lazy.
  • Got the sprinkler thingy fixed that broke from the freeze.
  • Came home to find a neighbor dog (not the neighbor from hell, but the neighbor behind us) in my back yard and a crater sized hole under the fence between our yards. But the neighbor wasn't home the two times I tried to alert them to the issue. And also the dog went back - at least I assume so because she's not in my yard anymore.


kbreints said...

Oh good grief. Yes... lets move on to next week!

Aunt Becky said...

This was an INSANELY long week, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Mehe. I was told a trick once about the photo thing. Press your tongue against your bottom teeth to push your jaw forward a bit. Helps to prevent the multi-chin. Sometimes it helps.

Mama said...

Yes, let's strike last week from the record. The HR geniuses at your former employer have now cancelled our insurance for the THIRD time since Jan 1 because of a note someone put in the file that Bernie was laid off in Dec (he wasn't.) I've had to leave appointments twice & cash pay for an x-ray and two prescriptions.

I am, however, all the more thankful for the job and the insurance that (theoretically) comes with it.