Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Lessons (#3 & #4)

When you're feeling like you’re missing something when you leave in the morning, you probably are. I normally take 4 bottles, 4 lids, and ice packs with me to work for pumping. One of the lids I brought yesterday was actually a ring – the kind you hold the nipple on the bottle with. And no ice packs. Thank god we have ice at work and I was able to pack a grocery bag with it. And I made the 3 bottles I did have work. Oh and I sent Landon off without a sippy cup – not that he uses it really.

Additional lesson, when your dogs are behaving themselves so well at dinner that you wonder where they are. Confirm where BOTH of them are, not just one. One asleep under the table, one outside eating grass until she pukes.

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The Modernish Father said...

Somehow our cat made it outside for about an hour on Saturday.

I wouldn't have even have noticed if I hadn't walked past our front door and heard her meowing frantically while poking her head in the glass window.

Alas, she didn't puke anything up after coming back inside though.