Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Small Change Month wha???

Somehow my numbers and Beth's numbers are screwed up, I think she skipped a number and went with the month number, but if you'll remember she gave us 6 weeks for one challenge and blah blah blah, she says this is the end of challenge 7 and the beginning of challenge 8.

Guess what? I didn't do anything this month. She didn't give specific instructions "do something for a charity" is not all that helpful. Is this the month I cash in on my normal non-profit work as a Girl Scout leader? Or do I say that because I did a couple things a few months ago, that one of those counts for this month? But I already feel bad for having kind of ignored the whole, clean up a local park or playground one in favor of using cloth napkins. I do have an out. At work this week they're collecting canned goods for a local food bank. So If I can remember to pick a few things out of my pantry or stop by the grocery store, I can drop those in the "lunch bag" in the reception area and I will get credit for this month right, even if I have to do it tomorrow?

Next month's challenge is to find a way to donate school supplies.

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