Saturday, June 16, 2007

I will soon have no excuse

In October of 2005 Clinton bought me a GPS. So I could go geocaching. [Link to] I thought it would be a neat way to accidentally get some exercise without mentioning to my body what I was technically up to (because it totally shuts down when it hears the word, so keep it down). I had a wonderful time doing the geocaching right up until I got pregnant and fell asleep for 9 months. And then for the past 7 months, I’ve been all “oh the pool is too cold” and “it’s raining” and “I can’t hold him AND the GPS.”

Well, I’m out of excuses now, because the pool is warm enough, the motor is fixed. And we bought a float that he sits in and I use as a kickboard. And he’s big enough to put in the back position in the carrier for geocaching. And for Mother’s day, I got a kickstand and a seat for him and a helmet for him for my bike.

(He didn't care much for the helmet and spent his entire first bike ride desperately trying to take it off.)

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