Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A few years ago I was volunteering at something girl scouty - and I made pretty good aquaintances with a woman working there with me. And when you're loading 1500 thousand boxes of cookies off of pallets into organizd chaos and into people's mini-vans - you start talking. And inevitably it leads to talking about work, which leads to talking about idiots at work. Which is always a fun thing to do.

So she mentioned that she worked in customer service for some amount of time and always believed that phones should have one more button. A button, if pressed, that would send a small shock to the person on the other end. not enough to maim them or anything, maybe just annoy them and make them want to stop and think about what they're saying or doing. A mini-phone taser.

She said she had told this to a friend of hers that went out and bought a package of those plastic faceted jewels, and they each glued one on their phone. She said within 6 months hers was smooth.

I promptly went home and dug out a package of those jewels from my craft closet. I didn't glue mine on, I taped it. Which turned out to be smart, since I've had to move it twice since. And I can count on one hand the number of people who have noticed.

But I also took it to another level. I have one on my computer for annoying emails as well. Now, admittedly I don't use them as often as someone in customer service might - but they do make you feel slightly better about dealing with the idiot on the other end of the line.

Please ignore the nasty dustiness of my computer - it doesn't look like that for real - the camera did something, I swear.


bernthis said...

there would a lot of shocked people out there, literally. Customer service, one the hardest jobs in the world considering no one ever calls to say, "you guys are great"

Mama said...

I still have my "idiiot" button jewel!

I use it alot these days.

kbreints said...

LOL! I love it... SEriously getting me one of those!

The Modernish Father said...

Good idea. I might put something similar on my steering wheel too.

Kristine said...

I actually use the button on the end of my parking brake to shoot people from the car.

Aunt Becky said...

I want one for my email. Or comments section of my blog. Or both. I bet I can make a virtual one, eh?

Sharon said...

Brilliant! I am hot-glueing one to my phone right now. You just saved me a small fortune in valium and tequila.