Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #35

Dear Landon,

I'm sorry - did that say 35...as in 1 less than 36? As in I will be a mom of a 3 year old in a month? Huh, interesting.

We've been gearing up this month for your birthday - which is in one month. I'm not sure you were totally aware of the existence of birthdays other than occasionally we went places where someone was having a birthday party and at least twice a bunch of people showed up at your house - what seemed like spontaneously to you - to celebrate you birthdays. This time, we're talking about it more, about how it's coming up, about how we're going to invite your friends from school, etc. Unfortunately we may have started a little too early because every time we get in the car now, you ask if we're going to your birthday.

The temperature finally dipped below 100° again, which also brought your allergies and the ever following sinus infection back on. I wish there was a way I could get rid of those for you, you have all my sympathies, as I am suffering right along side you. in fact your doctor said, to me that since they can't test you for allergies and so far your flare ups have coincided with mine, that when I need to take something, I should also give something to you. Great.

We've been dog-sitting Kane for the last week or so, and while this dog was quite a bit bigger than ours, you have been just fine with him - after a little initial trepidation. Having him in the house - being as big as our two dogs put together has given you some interesting perspectives on size. You are now claiming Scarlett and Fiona are little dogs...which isn't exactly true.

You are beginning to point out letters you see out and about and mostly you even seem to get them right - or at least close (as in similarly shaped letters). You still love being read to, so much in fact that you pretend to read to Scarlett occasionally. I wish I knew what brought that on and I hope it's something I can encourage as you grow - reading has never been my favorite activity.

It's hard to give you a directive for a month when nothing overly bad happened. Keep on being good, still work on standing to pee, try to avoid the sinus infections.



Carol said...

wow time flies....doesn't seem that long ago you were bringing a little infant to dinner...

Aunt Becky said...

He's so freaking big now! How does that HAPPEN?

Mama said...

aww...he looks so sweet. You are right - 3 is the birthday when the whole "birthday" thing will stick.

bernthis said...

everytime and I mean everytime my kid and I go to the store she wants to show me what cake she wants for her birthday. It just passed but trust me, she'll start up again in no time