Monday, August 24, 2009


Do you know what happens when you stop blogging for a while?

The portion of your brain that tells stories and tells them with half an ounce of funny begins to die. And then you go to pick up where you left off and you can't. Because you're brain dead. And when you finally get time to sit down and blog about something, you can't think of anything. Because you're brain dead.

Also affected is the portion of your brain that thinks about taking pictures, because in lieu of a good story you can always post a funny picture. Except if you don't have any because your camera hasn't left your purse in a week.

So this week I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to take the pictures and think of the funny, and then in turn tell you. But that kind of means that I have this week to come up with the blogable stuff before I can write about it.

I can't post from work, but I could supposedly read from work. I tried reading some blogs at work, and then weird things happen, like I'm reading a post and I try to comment and it's blocked for "p0rn." So that pretty much takes care of not blogging from work. So when I finally get the chance to sit down at home to read the other people's blogs, I see that they are not suffering from my same disease and I am overwhelmed by the shear number of posts I have to read just to catch up. I have even dropped a few from my reader to make it easier (not you, you're awesome, I dropped people who have never been and never will be here) and still - no good.

I'm still working out the kinks, trying to get a new schedule going, one that will allow for at least a little bloggery each day.

In the meantime I will grace you with a few baseball pictures - as we did go to a game last Friday with my family. He loved the game, although the fireworks were loud and he spent most of the fireworks show crying.

We walked within a couple feet of Hunter Pence, and then within a couple feet of his police escort and then by a family who was peeing on themselves about being that close to Hunter Pence. He looks even taller and ganglier in person, if that's even possible, seriously, the man is all arms and legs. I said to Landon, "Hey, did you see that guy? That was Hunter Pence. He's an Astro." And Landon was like "Whatever, you said something about ice cream, when do we get the ice cream?"


Valerie said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. I'll think of really great things "Oh man! I should totally blog about this!" and then POOF. Gone. I keep telling myself that while I try not to blog from work, I could still compose there and then proof and post at home in the evening. Now, if only I had something to write about.

Mandy said...

its hard to catch on the reading after a while .. I usually just try to read the latest posts of the normal people I know who read mine:)

kbreints said...

It is difficult to re-enter the blogosphere... I find that even after a three day weekend of not reading and blogging it is difficult to cath up!

bernthis said...

who is Hunter Pence? and if you can find a way to blog everyday and be really funny please tell me your secret.

Aunt Becky said...

If I stop blogging for a couple days, I psych myself out when I try and resume. Like, "no, THIS story sucks. I need a better one."

Good luck, yo.