Monday, May 07, 2012

Monthly Newsletter #67

Dear Landon,

This month sped by so fast, I swear I looked up and it was already over.

This year we did considerably fewer Easter egg hunts. Just the one at Aunt Kelly’s and the one at home on Easter morning. I managed to whittle down the plastic egg population in the house from somewhere around 60 to somewhere around 30. And to me – that’s an Easter success! You still aren’t quite up to smashing people on the head with the confetti eggs, you’re afraid you will hurt them…probably won’t be an issue next year.

This season of T-ball got rained out quite a bit, and our coach had some family emergencies that caused us to miss out of a couple practices. It didn’t feel quite as draining as it did last year…you decided midway through the season that you didn’t want to do machine pitch next year. And we finally got it out of you that you were afraid the machine would hit you with the ball. It took some time and a lot of convincing, to get you to understand that you were more likely to be hit by a kid pitching than the machine pitching. At which point you said you would do baseball again next year.

We went to one of your friend’s birthday parties. You had so much fun, there was a train, a petting zoo, pony rides, an inflatable obstacle course, and a face painter. Please don’t think for a second that I would ever be able to afford that kind of fancy party for you (neither of your parents are professional athletes). You were so upset when we left, but we were the last ones there, I let you stay as long as I possibly could!

We’re still working on the smacking, I’m hoping we’re nearing the end of it. But you’ve also started a new trend of smuggling. You’ve been smuggling toys into school in your backpack, you tried to smuggle a bouncy ball into a T-ball game. And you get caught every time. You’re just not very good at it – so knock it off.



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