Friday, January 06, 2012

Monthly Newsletter #63

Dear Landon,

Between both of us being sick, and Christmas…well, there’s just not a lot to this month.

You had your annual Christmas program at school…Once again, your class did a song I’d never heard of before. But it was cute. And you were front and center.

We both had a cough for most of the month, mine turned into bronchitis and your developed into a double ear infection…which you didn’t complain about at ALL. In fact, the teachers called me and said you were lethargic and running a fever, so I picked you up and took you to the doctor. Everyone asked if your ears hurt and you said no, you just couldn’t hear. And lo and behold, double ear infection. You were VERY upset about not going back to school, but the timing was such that the day you could have gone back was the day that they closed at 2 for the Christmas holidays…so you had almost 2 weeks off of school.

There’s a lot of talk about a particular girl at school. You even call her your girlfriend. She’s the same one you’ve been calling on your play cell phone for a few months…and as it turns out – there have been a couple of kisses between you two. Apparently she tried to kiss you at school and got you both in trouble, and then she succeeded in kissing you at Chick Fil A. You seem a bit young to me for all this kissing and girlfriend talk.

You had a lot of Christmases this year. I’ve only had to attend 2 of them so far, and we’ll have one more in a couple weeks. It seems that you got almost all of what you wanted, except a pogo stick. And I’m going to be quite honest with you…you can barely balance on a 2 wheel scooter, so I only really see the pogo stick idea ending badly. Your favorites are a Nintendo 3DS and an MP3 player. I’m pretty sure limits will be set on those in the near future.

Oh and we went to the dentist and this time you actually sat in the chair all by a big boy! Your teeth were deemed perfect!

Anyway, all in all not a bad month, except for the being sick part. So, this month, let’s try to stay healthy.



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