Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I'm sorry if my child may have insulted your daughter when you came to my house on Halloween

Last night, because the dogs go crazy when people knock on the door, we decided to sit out in the front yard in lawn chairs and hand out vegetables.  Surprisingly we didn’t get too bad a response on the offer of vegetables, and when given the choice between the vegetables and the candy, one kid did actually choose a cucumber.  I’m pretty sure his mom either threw it away or is contacting the police to have it x-rayed!


Mike stayed behind to hand out candy, while Landon and I took off to trick or treat.  One of the ladies on the street prepared special bags of candy just for the neighbor kids.  We get a lot of kids for trick or treating that are driven in from other areas. And I guess they just got regular candy, while the kids she knows got bags with really good candy and a few other trinkets.


So once we finished the street, Landon hung out in the front yard dancing around, playing with silly string, talking to trick or treaters, etc.  A couple of kids walked up, a boy about Landon’s size and an older girl – maybe 11 or 12 years old (I don’t know I don’t have one that size so I can’t really tell) – I don’t even know what she was dressed as really, but she was wearing a green dress with braided trim.  And then I heard him say “Are you a whore?” 


And everything went silent.  And I looked at Mike.  And Mike looked at me.  And I looked at the parents.  And I said “EXCUSE ME!  What did you say to her?”  And after some argument about who he was actually talking to (the little boy) he explained that he had asked “Are you a four?”  I’m not sure what the question was about, “are you a fantastic four?” maybe, but honestly I don’t really care.  By the time that got resolved I was just happy that I wasn’t having to explain to anyone where my child learned the word “whore.”



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