Monday, June 06, 2011

Monthly Newsletter #56

Dear Landon,
This month we finished up your T-ball season and you announced you never wanted to play T-ball again, right after I bought the same style tee that the league uses, so we could practice. Although, just a couple days ago you expressed sadness that we’d no longer be going to “your” park to play baseball. I asked if you wanted to play baseball again next season and you said “yes.” So I guess that’s a bridge we’ll cross when the try-outs come back up.
You spent a weekend in Galveston with your Daddy and grandparents. The place where you stayed had bunk beds and you LOVED them. I saw my opportunity and jumped on it. I took you to IKEA and had you “test” out all the bunk beds. You picked a not so high bunk bed, which is awesome. And although I don’t want to jinx it, and I’m afraid I will by putting this out there, you’ve slept in it for 3 days now…granted I’m sleeping on the floor below you, but you agreed that in a while when you’re more used to it, that I could move to the guest bed – which you can see from your bed…and from there I will eventually get to return to my own bed. Progress is being made!
We also went to a MLB Astros game with your T-ball (Astros) team. It was pretty disappointing score-wise, but you announced to your grandfather that we won (did not win, far from it.) Although, I’m sure you didn’t notice, due to the extreme amount of sugar in your blood…one ginormous snow cone and a whole thing of cotton candy. I guess you did at least eat a hotdog. But you certainly didn’t fall asleep on the way home like I had hoped.
We went to the Strawberry festival with Miss Catherine and Baby Jack. We met up with Uncle Hector’s cook-off team and they fed us well! I sent you off with Joshua and $20 and you came back with more stuff than I thought $20 could get a person at fair games. And Joshua did say he had to spot you $5…he also said it was well worth it. Too bad he already has a girlfriend because apparently you are a chick magnet.
Your daddy and I finalized our divorce this month. I don’t know how this is going to affect you in the future; we’re trying our best to maintain your normal life. And it seems to be working, you seem very well adjusted. We’re already getting out of the way the fact that there are some different rules at Mommy’s house than at Daddy’s – just like there are different rules at home and school.

I don't have much in the way of things for you to work on this month, because you seem to be on track with everything I feel you should be doing - we may not be where you need to be on those things, but we're on track, and that's the point.



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