Monday, March 21, 2011

Landonisms, continued

"When I grow up to be a rock star, my team will win!"
To further clarify - his team is apparently his band, although he didn't know what they would win, it doesn't matter, so long as they won. So says Landon.
He lost his first tooth last night.  I found it in the bed.  When asked what he thought the tooth fairy would bring him, and I suggested maybe some money, he said "No,...probably a monster truck lawn chair that a monster truck can sit in and it will shoot him out!"  [The visual explanation contained a Stuart from Mad TV like jump twist arm pump up in the air.]
"A lawn chair for monster trucks?  Do they even make those?"
"Yeah, you know." [Repeat the visual portion of the explanation]
"Ooooh, a launcher!"
"Yeah, that's what I said a launcher." [Which may very well be true, if you take into account his deep country Texas accent.]


Carol said...

love the Landonisms, and I can just see him doing it with the Stuart from MadTV reference....

Anonymous said...

We may need a glossary for these terms. At least he is willing to explain! Great minds.