Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raising a Grown-up

Occasionally you will hear my mother say something to the effect of "Kristine's been a grown-up since she was 4."
I never really quite got what she meant until this morning.
We were running a little later than normal and I suggested breakfast in the drive thru at Mickey D's.  Also I needed gas, so he could eat it while I pumped gas and then we'd go to school.
I discovered roughly two weeks ago that if I hold onto the beloved chocolate milk until he was done eating, then he's more likely to eat and not fill up on chocolate milk.
Well, he ate his sausage Mc*Griddle and was finishing it up as I parked in front of the school but hadn't gotten to the chocolate milk yet.  I asked him if he wanted the chocolate milk or if he wanted me to bring it with me when I came to get him this afternoon.
He said "Bring it wif you this afternoon....but Mommy?"
"Don't forget to take it in to work wif you, so it doesn't get hot, okay?"
"Ok, I'll take it in and put it in the fridge at work."
"Ok, good."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the knack!

kbreints said...

I love it. Henry was/is the same way. always thinking a few steps ahead-- like me. I know it is a direct reflection of the way that we speak to our kids... and that is a good thing :)