Friday, November 20, 2009

Well isn’t that craptacular

I’m working on my positive thinking these days. It is seriously working in parts of my life that I need it to. (Hey maybe you should stop having fake arguments in your head with people before anything actually happens and then when you see them you won’t already be mad at them about the fake argument you had in your head – which never comes to fruition anyway. It’s poisoning your relationships.)

Now, I don’t want to make you think my life is centered around the day care or anything, or that I feel like they should make me feel like puppies and rainbows are coming out of my butt every time I encounter them, but – they have been the brunt of my frustration for the past couple weeks – and I’m not even talking about homework this time.

Last week the day care began reporting behavior in terms of happy faces and sad faces giving one face for the morning and one face for the afternoon. Landon had a REALLY bad week that first week.

  • This week he has happy faces across the board, I’m glad the threat of losing his toys works on him and we didn’t have to resort to harsher punishments.

Yesterday they called to tell me that Landon had an accident and that he didn’t have a change of clothes. I told them I had put a full change of clothes in his cubby. The teacher said it looked like he had already soiled them and they were used, but didn’t know from when and thought maybe they put the used clothes in the wrong place so I never found out about a previous accident.

  • I’m lucky my boss is understanding of the fact that after being at work for only 30 minutes I would need to leave for an hour and a half to remedy this situation.
  • By the time I got there they had located a pull-up for him to wear in the meantime and a pair of pants for him to borrow.

Yesterday when I picked him up he was wearing a different shirt than the one he was wearing even after I came with the change of clothes. He had bonked his nose on the playground and had a bloody nose which he wiped on his sleeve…I had received no phone call and had just started his laundry before coming to pick him up. Also, they didn’t fill out a boo-boo report.

  • I’m lucky it wasn’t more serious and I’m not overly concerned about small mishaps.

This morning the person who has the key to the day care didn’t show up for work – or at least she didn’t show up on time. And the other lady who has a key didn’t get there until 40 minutes later than opening time.

  • I’m lucky I have a job with flexible hours and an understanding boss – who also happens to be out of town today.

Once inside the day care, Landon was absolutely appalled that I would not let him just stand outside in the rain, and he was in no way giving in about it, so we stood outside under the awning for a minute before he relented to eating breakfast.

  • I’m glad I have a kid who enjoys the rain as much as I do, and I hope that stubbornness evolves into some kind of productive personality trait that will take him far in life.

While this positive thinking stuff is helping my general outlook and mood. I’d like to not have to use it so often.


Valerie said...

Good exercise! I find it helpful to remember that while I have "problems" some people have real problems. I've got it pretty good, even when I'm irritated or stressed. It's hard to remember the positives during the negative moments, though! Keep it up!

Mama said...

mmmmmm...I have those imaginary arguments too. In fact, I'm having one right now with my mother-in-law.

Positive spins are good. I am lucky to have a sister in law.